It’s hard to say that anybody had a better night Friday than Briante #Ramburglar Weber, who produced 13 points and 10 steals in 18 improbable minutes, but 10-year-old Sofia certainly made a case for herself.

This expertly shot vertical video (we’ve been over this, folks) is from her performance of the National Anthem, but she also sang God Bless America. Both were fantastic. Even Shaka Smart shook her hand and congratulated her on a job well done.

In a day and age where Britney Spears is somehow judging a talent competition, it’s a dose of sanity in a tiny package. Note: There may or may not be an obscenity in the crowd after the video. Hard to decipher, so just do yourself a favor and stop it after the song. Also, in the future, don’t be the guy that almost ruins awesome videos by dropping unnecessary curse words. Clean it up, dude.