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Happy Shak-tober, VCU fans. This month is good for many things, among them (in no particular order): foliage, NBA training camps, candy corn, postseason baseball, marzen, candy corn, Atlantic 10 Conference races and, finally, candy corn. How does VCU Athletics fit into all of this? I’m glad you asked, even if you didn’t.

NBA training camps are underway, which means three former Rams are in action, each with a different task in front of them.

Troy Daniels is in Asheville, N.C. with the Charlotte “soon to be Hornets” Bobcats. Troy earned a camp invite after playing on the Bobcats’ summer league squad in Las Vegas. Now would be a good time to remind Michael Jordan that Charlotte was 27th in the NBA in 3-point shooting last year, and Troy Daniels (feel free to use the Around The Horns-approved #TreyD3 hashtag) hits threes in his sleep. If he was a dinosaur, Daniels would be a triceratops. If he was a TV station, he’d be ESPN3. If he was a stadium, he’d be Three Rivers.

Trust us, Daniels was born for this. We recently slowed down some film of Daniels shooting at training camp and captured his expression right at the moment he’s about to catch and shoot. Check it out:

Three, coming right up.

Three, coming right up.



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Funny, that guy doesn't look like Mario Lemieux...

Funny, that guy doesn’t look like Mario Lemieux…

See, this is exactly why the Pittsburgh Pirates brought in VCU alum Brandon Inge (stats), because he can play third, second, first, right field and left wing. But seriously, Inge may not be an All-Star, but he’s a veteran presence in the clubhouse a young team like Pittsburgh, which is trying to break an MLB-record string of 20 straight losing seasons, desperately needs. Pittsburgh is currently 11 games over .500 and in second place in the NL Central Division. The difference, as always, is the VCU blood, obviously.

Click for video



Former Ram Cody Eppley was on campus yesterday. Mike Voyack managed to catch up with him at the Black and Gold World Series at the Diamond. Eppley just finished his first full season in the Majors with the New York Yankees. The sidearmer made 59 appearances and crafted a 3.33 ERA in 46.0 innings for the Bronx Bombers. Not bad for a 43rd round draft pick.


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If you’re familiar with “Lethal Weapon”, you’ll remember Mel Gibson’s character, Riggs, is a little off. During one famous scene, he dislocates his shoulder, and then induces cringes when he resets it himself. That’s cute and all, but I know one former Ram who can top that.

On Saturday, VCU alum Brandon Inge dislocated his right (throwing) shoulder diving for a ball down the line against the Chicago White Sox. After resetting the shoulder himself, he could’ve and probably should’ve come out of the game. Nobody would begrudge him for that. But let’s ask ourselves, what would this kid do?

That’s right. Little League mullet Brandon Inge would stay in the game and deliver the game winning hit like a boss. He later said that he’s dislocated his shoulder “16 or 17 times”. Um, what? Can we start a petition to just start calling Inge “Riggs” from here on out? Good.

You can click on the video links within the game story HERE.


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Eric Chavez used to be an all-star third baseman. He also used to not render his pitchers unconscious with errant throws, but times do change. Here’s Chavez going upside the head of former VCU hurler and teammate Cody Eppley. Cody was fine. FYI, Eppley has carved out a nice role for himself in the Yankees’ bullpen. He’s appeared in 38 games this year and has a 3.19 ERA. The Yankees are also leading the American League East, so you could be seeing more of Eppley in October this year.


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