VCU sophomore guard Briante Weber made history Friday night.

RICHMOND, Va. – Every VCU game, there’s a war being waged on the floor. Although there are two teams battling on the court, there’s another, potentially more combustible, conflict playing out inside Rams’ sophomore guard and Disruptor-in-Chief Briante Weber.

Steal or not to steal? Gamble or stay put? Play at a 100 miles an hour or 70? It never ends, and it can often be the difference between Weber chopping the legs out from under an opponent or veering wildly out of control.

“Oh, it’s so hard, trying, just looking at the ball. It’s right there. You’ve got to have it,” said Weber. “You’ve just got to channel it on the inside. Nah, discipline, discipline. I’ve got to talk to myself. But sometimes I lose that and try to go for it, and I put my team in a bind…and I’ve got to channel it back.”

Every night, it’s those two Webers, playing tug-of-war for control of his abilities. Friday night, Weber’s dual personalities met in the middle and launched a record-breaking defensive performance. Weber grabbed 10 steals, smashing the previous school record of seven, and tied a career-high with 13 points in VCU’s season-opening 80-57 win over Florida Gulf Coast. Those 10 steals are the second most in Atlantic 10 Conference history. The kicker? Weber did all that in just 18 dizzying minutes.