rhoades-presserOn Friday, I figured I was going to have plenty of time to properly catalogue all the weeds in my lawn. Nope. I’ll just cut it short again and hope nobody notices.

There are whirlwinds, and there are whatever you want to call the last 48 hours here at VCU. Has a fan base ever experienced such a wild swing of emotions in such a short period of time? I’ll let you guys figure that out (The answer is no, by the way).

On Monday night, when the news broke, my first thought was, ‘We need to go get Mike Rhoades’. I figured that could be in a few days. I can’t rent a car in the amount of time it took Ed McLaughlin to fly to Houston and pick up Rhoades.

People want to know what they’re getting in Mike Rhoades. From my experiences, I’ll say this: I have not yet met a person with a negative thing to say about Mike Rhoades. He is, in fact, revered here, in Ashland, Eastern Pennsylvania, pretty much anywhere he’s spent enough time to get a cup of coffee. I find him to be as authentic as they come. A guy from a small town in coal country, he’s hard working and down-to-earth. He excels at forging relationships. One other thing, and this is important. Mike Rhoades lives for competition. He wants to win at everything. We’re in great hands, folks.

I can’t predict the future, but I get a sense that VCU and Richmond really mean something to Mike and his family. You could see that when Jodie Rhoades, his wife, was overcome with emotion Tuesday during Mike’s introductory pep rally…uh, I mean, press conference. You could see it when Mike spoke to his mom in the crowd. “We’ve been on this ride a long time, and the ride stops here, at VCU.” He told her.

During one of my first interviews with Mike back in 2009, he told me that he – then the head coach at Randolph-Macon – and Jodie used to spend their date nights here at the Siegel Center, watching the Rams. They might have to start going to the movies now.