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Treveon Graham's 1,639 points rank sixth on VCU's all-time scoring list.

Treveon Graham’s 1,639 points rank sixth on VCU’s all-time scoring list.

Treveon Graham didn’t need Tuesday night’s 26-point, 8-rebound, 1-leg performance at Rhode Island to validate his legacy. Who did he have left to convince, really? But if there was one game that crystallizes everything we’ve come to understand about Graham and his terrific VCU career, it was his effort to hoist the Rams out of what seemed destined to be a loss and into an unforgettable 65-60 come-from-behind victory.

Graham injured his ankle early in the second half when a Rhode Island player dove into his legs while attempting to track down a loose ball. The 6-foot-5 forward, who left the game for a short time, returned noticeably gimpy. Didn’t matter. Graham scored 16 of his points in the second half — each bucket more important, more unlikely, than the last — to rally VCU from nine points down.

By the final horn, it had become “The Treveon Graham Game”. It’s trivial, these designations we assign, the levels of platitudes, the adoration of a singular spectacular performance that overshadows a legacy built on consistency. Besides, Graham already had a 3-pointer to beat Virginia (The Dagger 2.0) and a 34-point, life-preserver effort at La Salle last year. Was Tuesday’s game any different or any more significant? Who knows, but it sure felt different. Maybe it’s our affection for the dramatic, but it was gutty, a performance both individually dominant and somehow selfless all at the same time.

I hope VCU fans appreciate that guys like Graham are rare (I think they do). It’s one thing to be able to play, it’s another thing to bring it every single night. This is a guy that had two Division I scholarship offers – TWO – and he’s going to be an All-American, assuming the voters have any sense whatsoever.

There’s about half a season left in this freight train’s career. Enjoy the ride.

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