First and foremost, the task at hand. Saint Louis looms Saturday at 2 p.m. It’s a huge game on a huge network (regular ESPN), with huge announcers (Bob Knight – who doesn’t really know who VCU is, but whatever), with huge implications. (INSERTING CLICHE…) This is what college basketball is all about. I’m on the road with women’s hoops on a D.C. to Rhode Island jaunt interrupted by snowstorm Skippy, or whatever they’re calling this one. Anyway, Seth Greenberg took a minute to preview Saturday’s tilt, and District Baller took a few minutes to YouTube it, so you should take a few minutes and watch.


It’s also Valentine’s Day, and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the love-fest that is VCU. That was probably never more apparent Wednesday, when you guys mushed and snowshoed your way to pack The Stu tighter than the ski lodge right after the final run of the day.

So let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day, VCU style. The good thing is we have great fans here who love photography and love Photoshop. So, here are some VCU-themed Valentine’s brought to you by Chris “Pavarotti” Crowley, who might as well work for this blog with how much content he generates, and a few great photos by Will Weaver.