Oh, and we will be "Checking" the Stu Thursday, as well.

Oh, and we will be “Checking” the Stu Thursday, as well.

Welcome folks, no time to spare! Let’s whip around the I-95 corridor and catch up with some of the scuttlebutt surrounding the VCU-George Mason contest Thursday evening.

First, we’ll check in with VCU’s own radio color analyst and Stella Artois enthusiast, Mike Litos, who offers his breakdown of the Patriots’ personnel.

We can overanalyze this game to death, but it’s pretty simple: style of play. VCU leads the country in turnover percentage, assuming command of the ball on 28.1% of opponents’ possessions. George Mason turns it over on 21.6% of its possessions, good for 308th nationally. So there’s that.

I continue to enjoy the work of RVA News, which has really stepped up its VCU coverage the last couple of years. Reporter Aaron Williams is cut from a bit from the SABRmetric cloth, and that’s a good thing. You can click here for the full preview.

In addition to having an underwhelming season, this is a terrible matchup for George Mason. The Rams can and should win. KenPom picks VCU to win 74-61 with a 91% chance of victory.

Time Pearrell of the Times-Dispatch was also around to offer some scribbles on VCU and George Mason resuming a rivalry that dates back to 1981.

“It’s a great rivalry for the fans,” VCU coach Shaka Smart said. “They’re a good team, they’re a good program. They’re right up the street. . . . There were some great games and a lot of back and forth in the CAA.

VCU’s Voice of The Rams and I also offered our thoughts in “What’s at Steak” (spelling is intentional). That and the polar vortex also gave me an opportunity to dig out a sweater from my closet for the first time in about two years.