Rolando Lamb had a game as good as his name during his VCU tenure (1981-85).

Former Ram Rolando Lamb had a game as good as his name

This list is entirely subjective to my whims, so feel free to disagree and leave your nominations or stories (Johnnie Story?) in the comment box below. But basically, if you’re named after a Beatle, game show host or have a name that sounds like that of a traveling circus host, you’re on my list.

Not exactly spelled like Led Zeppelin, but close enough for me. Wisconsin native who averaged 2.2 points and 2.5 rebounds in 1973-74.

You don’t go by ‘Penny’ if you don’t want to be noticed. He may have had a great name, but what Penny Elliott needed was a buffet. Stood 6-foot-9, but weighed just 200 pounds.  Played for the Rams from 1977-80 and averaged 12.2 points and 5.6 rebounds as a junior.

I can only hope that VCU effectively leveraged Monty Hall and “Let’s Make a Deal” references during Knight’s Rams’ career from 1979-82. He ranks ninth in school history with 1,549 points.

Another good one from the late 70s. Part of a pipeline of Louisville, Ky. players for the Rams. Played sparingly on the Rams’ first NCAA squad in 1979-80.

One of VCU’s all-time greats, Rolando Lamb’s game was as slick as his moniker. A member of three NCAA teams from 1981-85, Lamb still holds (for now – cue Bri-watch ‘13), VCU’s all-time record for career steals (257). Plus, he’s always got this:

Played just one season for the Rams (1982-83) and scored four career points, but has a name that lives on in VCU lore.

A name so smooth I was convinced he was the host of Soul Train at some point. Productive bench player for VCU from 1983-87. Popped back up on the radar a few years back as part of THIS cool story.

An affable VCU guard from 1986-89 whose name essentially says ‘Bacon Train’. A winning combination. Averaged 14.9 points per game in 1988-89.

Great name that exceeded his VCU career. Averaged 2.8 points and 2.5 points in 1988-89.

Sounds like precursor to Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and I’m not ruling it out that they’re the same guy. Varina product came off the bench for the Rams in the late 90s.

Towering Russian import who played for the Rams from 1998-2002. Ranks second in school history in blocked shots (207). After eight years at VCU, I still can’t pronounce his name correctly.

With that name, I’m assuming he’s a NASCAR crew chief by now. Played one season (1998-99) for the Rams and averaged 3.9 points.

With a name like Ram Fishburne, you’re either destined to be a VCU Ram or the lead singer of Fishbone. Unfortunately, he ended up being neither. Fishburne scored one point in his entire career and played 10 games for the Rams in 1988-89.

Coaches: Sonny Smith, Tubby Smith, Chris Cheeks

Director of Operations: Jesse Bopp

Also considered: Tic Price, James Trusty, Ren Watson, Randy Corker, Moe Jordan, Bruce Pettway, Pete Strayhorn, Yann Bonato, Marlow Talley, Ivan Chappell, Johnnie Story, B.A. Walker, Jesse Pellot-Rosa, Toby Veal, Mo Alie-Cox.