suggestion-boxWhen I took my first job in college athletics 10 years ago, sports information was still very much in the stone ages. Sure, we had websites, but we weren’t really sure what to do with them, other than post staid, AP-Style headlines and the occasional headshot. Twitter didn’t exist, Facebook was just an idea and Instagram sounded like a way to wire money to Belize. Back then, much of our time was spent stubbornly designing media guides that didn’t really serve a purpose, other than to fill the back page of some athlete’s college scrapbook, right next to those Panama City spring break photos.

But we’ve evolved. Websites have been dramatically upgraded, social media has exploded (Not literally. Although, they’ve probably detonated Myspace by now) and snarky SID bloggers and feature writers have become a new voice for which to tell our schools stories; folks like me.

I want to ensure we keep evolving, that this blog keeps evolving. It was created to connect with the VCU fanbase in a meaningful way, to bring you closer to the action and the student-athletes. I’ve tried some wacky stuff the last few years. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t. Thankfully, I reconsidered the chainsaw juggling video.

I want this blog to continue to connect with fans, to register, to be the Gatorade of your VCU Athletics thirst, or something like that. You get the point. I always wanted this blog to be something different, something better than boilerplate press releases and cliches. I think we can be better than that.

I want your suggestions. Things you’d like to see on the blog. Story ideas, features, videos, whatever. Leave your suggestions in the comments section, unless you’re going to tell me I’m an idiot, in which case you can just email me at