I was able to track Eric Maynor down today, but he says he’s not at liberty to discuss his agreement with the Washington Wizards at this time. I’m sure there’s probably still a physical to pass and a dotted line on which to sign. He did say he’d be able to talk more about it next week, so I’ll get you more on that after the Fourth of July Weekend.

As far as the fit and the deal itself go, Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver has a terrific, thorough writeup HERE, which includes:

The strength of Maynor’s game lies in his ability to run a halfcourt offense in a controlled fashion. A pass-first point guard, Maynor is adept at moving the ball, operating in pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop situations, finding shooters after breaking down a defense, and generally keeping his wits about him. Not known as a scorer or a true long-ball threat, Maynor played both guard positions for the Blazers, backing up Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard and playing alongside him in a dual point guard lineup.

Golliver writes that Maynor’s deal is for two years.

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to see what Eric will look like in a Wizards uni, here’s where 15 minutes of Photoshop got me.