The Hawk has been a fixture at Saint Joseph's basketball games since 1955.

The Hawk has been a fixture at Saint Joseph’s basketball games since 1955.

While the VCU Basketball team is ramping up its preparations for the Saint Joseph’s Hawks, I wonder if VCU fans are ready for The Hawk of Saint Joseph’s.

The Hawk carries a mascot tradition like no other. Whoever wins the right to serve as The Hawk earns a full scholarship. Seriously. The Hawk has to flap at least one wing the entire game and swoops around the floor in figure eights during home games. The Hawk travels to all home and away games. Somebody even named The Hawk the best mascot in college basketball at one point. So, Thursday won’t just be a challenge for the VCU Basketball team, it’ll be a challenge for Rodney the Ram as well. Step up your game, RR.

For all the whimsical, blob-like creatures that are passing as mascots these days (not to mention pantless bird men), The Hawk remains as basic as Pong (can’t they get him some gloves, though. It’s just weird for a hawk to have man hands. Just weird). The beauty of The Hawk is in its tradition and its insane arm workouts.

Be ready Rams fans. The Hawk is coming.