My roomate in college, a devout Boston Red Sox fan, had a Mike Greenwell “Gator” poster that he managed to keep in near-mint condition for more than 10 years. The poster, which featured a stone-faced Greenwell curiously standing in a swamp – alligators at his feet, had by this time far outlasted the career of the ballplayer himself. It was one of many themed sports posters that became the norm in the 80s. They were incredibly silly…or awesome?

Anyway, I’ve always thought it would be awesome (probably terrible, but awesome anyway) to do that here, use those cheesy 80s themes  for current (or past) VCU Basketball players. Here’s what five minutes in Photoshop got me today:

If you’ve got spare time on your hands and are even marginally better at Photoshop than I am (which isn’t saying much), feel free to do this with your favorite Ram and send it to me at If it’s decent (and not offensive) I’ll give it some run on the blog.

EDIT: Really stretched my legs and spent 10 minutes on this one last night while watching Monday Night Football.