If you’re familiar with “Lethal Weapon”, you’ll remember Mel Gibson’s character, Riggs, is a little off. During one famous scene, he dislocates his shoulder, and then induces cringes when he resets it himself. That’s cute and all, but I know one former Ram who can top that.

On Saturday, VCU alum Brandon Inge dislocated his right (throwing) shoulder diving for a ball down the line against the Chicago White Sox. After resetting the shoulder himself, he could’ve and probably should’ve come out of the game. Nobody would begrudge him for that. But let’s ask ourselves, what would this kid do?

That’s right. Little League mullet Brandon Inge would stay in the game and deliver the game winning hit like a boss. He later said that he’s dislocated his shoulder “16 or 17 times”. Um, what? Can we start a petition to just start calling Inge “Riggs” from here on out? Good.

You can click on the video links within the game story HERE.