My name is Brandon and I was born to rock.

I wouldn’t normally do this, posting about Charles Brandon Inge on three consecutive days, but when a guy hits a walk-off grand slam in his first home game with a new team, you sort of have to do it. Here’s the link to that. If anybody can solve the mystery of embedding MLB video into WordPress, I’ll be forever greatful.

Inge is now hitting .179 in seven games with the A’s, but he’s homered in two of his last three games and has been playing his usual solid third base. After starting the year on the disabled list, his bat appears to be coming around.

In an unrelated/related note. Is there any doubt after looking at the picture on the right that if Inge had grown up about 10-15 years earlier, he’d be driving a Camaro and blasting Whitesnake 24/7? Let’s move on.

Bonus video. It appears the Oakland fans are taking to Inge just fine.

Bonus Bonus Video. Josh Hamilton confirmed good at baseball. Enjoy this as long as the MLB Youtube police allow it to exist.