This nugget just came down the pipe via College Hoopedia, whatever the heck that is (how do these people get my e-mail?).

No major college has an all-time high for setbacks lower than the 16 losses incurred by UNLV. Elsewhere, Nebraska never has won an NCAA playoff game but the Huskers have also never incurred a 20-loss campaign. Additional schools never to lose at least 20 games in a single season include Boise State, College of Charleston, Connecticut, Duke, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Temple, UAB, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Virginia Commonwealth and Western Kentucky.

Full chart HERE. By itself, this info doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it does speak to a relative amount of success. That’s some good company the Rams are keeping. On the flip side, VCU has won at least 20 games 17 times since the school was formed in 1968-69.