RICHMOND, Va. – If you haven’t heard, the original Around the Horns, Chris Kowalczyk is on a hiatus in the lovely city of Baltimore, so we’re going to try and sub in for the time being. Don’t worry though, we all watched this video to make sure we did the best job possible.

Back to the task at hand, last night our beloved “Big Shot Brad” Burgess took to the stage on ESPN one last time wearing a VCU jersey, this time in the ESPN College Three-Point Championships. You might not have known that since Brad Nessler insisted on calling him “Brandon” all night. It’s ok, we’ll let you slide Bob, it’s not like you shared the same name with him or anything.

If you didn’t tune in on time, you missed Brad as he was one of the first two shooters to take to the arc. I was a little worried as he’s not really a “competition” type shooter, but I did know he played in Tulane’s Fogelman Arena before, so was hoping that was to his advantage. I did not expect a scandal to rock Ram Nation and that’s exactly what happened…. Let’s watch the tape:

Now you might think it would be easy to count buckets, but apparently the guy keeping track last night had a few too many Hurricanes on Bourbon Street because if you watch it again, Brad should have 13 points, which would have tied him with Missouri’s Marcus Denmon, who made the semifinal round. It would have been nice for Brad to keep going, but he’s got the Reese’s NABC All-Star game today, so his weekend in New Orleans was just getting started.

As frustrating as it is, it was all in good fun and it was great to see an all-time great like Brad (or Brandon if your Brad Nessler) get some national TV love once again.