Freshman Briante Weber has established himself as somewhat of an agitator in VCU’s brand of high-pressure defense. But he’s also been known to wreak a little havoc on the opposing fan base.

When the Rams visited the Ted Constant Center in Norfolk, Va. to play rival Old Dominion last season, Weber, a Chesapeak, Va. native and VCU signee at the time, attended the game in a bright yellow shirt and sat in the student section. It wasn’t hard to find Weber, since that game had been billed as a “White Out”.

I’ll let Bradford Burgess tell it from here:

He probably told some people [ahead of time] but I didn’t know. We go there and you just see Bri doing his normal antics, just all over the place in the yellow shirt in the white out student section.

We talk about it all the time. It’s all he says. He’s like, ‘ya’ll remember when I was down there in the student section in the yellow shirt?’ Yeah Bri, we remember.

He’s all about having fun. He was in there when we were winning and he was just bouncing around and jumping around. We could hear him when it got quiet. It was just a fun time.

The Rams won the game 59-50.