By Andrew Dykstra

Michigan is ranked 13th in the BCS standings, two spots behind Virginia Tech.

I’m no writer, I’m no football expert and I’m no Virginia Tech fan! I want to tell you why Virginia Tech loses to my Michigan Wolverines in the Sugar Bowl (Jan. 3, 8:30 p.m, ESPN).

Michigan’s only legitimate loss this year was to the Michigan State Spartans; a well-coached, balanced team with All-Big Ten caliber players on both sides of the ball. A team that well deserved of a shot at this year’s Big Ten title game. The other Michigan loss came from Iowa. I have already declared “mulligan” on that one. As Forrest Gump told us, “S*** happens.”

Now, looking at Tech, their two losses came from Clemson, who beat the living tar out of the Hokies on both occasions. Clemson was the only worthy team on Tech’s schedule this year – with some credit to Georgia Tech – and the Hokies (11-2) proved nothing to fans on both occasions. Tech’s remaining schedule was played against marshmallows and cupcakes, squeezing by teams like Duke and East Carolina. At least Michigan (10-2) was tested by their weaker half of schedule and came out destroying most of those teams.

I’m going to agree with Todd McShay of ESPN when he said, “Michigan is a motivated team and wants to be there.”

Michigan is a balanced team with a dangerous quarterback, stronger defense (7th in FBS for points against) and a discipline-heavy coach. Tech is an average team and one that does not respond to its own motivational tactic of “proving the critics wrong.” They proved that after the ACC title fiasco (Clemson won 38-10) when they looked to show everyone that their first meeting with Clemson was a mistake. The same situation exists here. The critics are looking down on them, the Wolverines are a good team, and I expect no response from the Hokies. It will only be a runaway game if the Hokies turn the ball over. Otherwise, I expect a sound win by the Wolverines, done always with class and poise.  GO BLUE!

Andrew Dykstra was a four-year starter in goal for the VCU Men’s Soccer Team from 2005-08. He spent two seasons with the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer and played the 2011 season with the Charleston Battery of the USL. He is continuing his professional career abroad. He played wide receiver in high school and turned down several college football offers to play soccer for the Rams. He also attended Virginia Tech football camp in high school, but is an unapologetic University of Michigan fan.