The VCU Baseball Team recently held its Ramsanity Obstacle Course over at The Diamond. I watch this video and can’t help but think that the 80’s were cinematically one big sham. In every 80’s sports movie, there would always be one sorry portly fellow with an ill-fitting uniform and a sandwich hanging out of his mouth. I watch this and everybody actually looks like they’re in great shape. What gives? Where’s the comic relief? Where’s Chubbs from Teen Wolf, Finch from Wildcats or John Kruk?


By the way, Assistant Coach Shawn Stiffler is totally right about the light dinner. I love Qdoba and Chipotle, but they can kill a workout faster than Lindsay Lohan can violate probation. It’s like running with a pillowcase of sand in your gullet. Fast = fast. Feast = least. Something like that.