If I have to watch or read one more Penn State-related piece of news, I’m going to punt a shetland pony. You shouldn’t either. We reached the media saturation point days ago. Instead, read this stuff:

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a number of items today. First, some VCU Basketball Notes. There are also two more items on Tim Pearrell’s blog. Lots of good stuff there. Just bookmark that link, because the RTD website is about as easy to navigate as an 18-wheeler.

The Commonweath Times has doubled up today. First, Jim Swing says the men’s basketball team will reload, not rebuild. Meanwhile, Adam Stern has decided to delve into VCU’s two distinct (one awesome, one sleepy) student sections.

ESPN.com does occassionally cover women’s basketball, we swear! They heaped some high praise on Courtney Hurt, and for good reason.

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Guess that means UMass loves some VCU Basketball.