Shaka Smart has indicated Brad Burgess will see an increased role on offense this season.

Following VCU’s open practice Sunday, I asked Bradford Burgess what he’d like his legacy to be, considering he’s within striking distance of a number of records that would solidify his standing as one of the best players in school history.

“Everybody wants to be known as a winner,” Burgess replied. “I just want to be known as a winner and that I did it in the best possible way all four years, that I represented the university to the best of my abilities.”

Meanwhile, women’s hoops star Courtney Hurt is coming off the best individual season in Rams’ history (this is not up for discussion), but she’s already talked about how badly she wants to win a CAA title. VCU has never won a conference championship in women’s basketball, and they’re expected to be a contender for the CAA crown this season.

Both are fantastic players with their priorities in the right place. But we, as fans, love to crunch the numbers. We love to see them chase history. It helps us to rank and categorize their standing among our past heroes. With that in mind, let’s do some math.

Keep in mind when we do this, that any additional games over the minimum will lower the necessary averages. Any missed games will obviously to the exact opposite.

Burgess is currently 23rd on VCU’s career scoring list with exactly 1,200 points. He averaged 14.3 points per game last year over 40 games. We can only assume the minimum number of games he’ll play this season. Anything over that will obviously make these benchmarks more attainable.

Eric Maynor holds the Rams’ career scoring mark with 1,953 points, so Burgess would need 754 points to break that mark. Including at least one CAA Tournament game, the Rams have 32 games currently on their schedule.

754/32 = 23.56. Burgess would need to average about 23.6 points per game this season to break that mark. To put that in perspective, Maynor averaged 22.4 points during his senior season. Only three players have averaged 23.6 points per game or better in a season: Charles Wilkins (twice), Chris Cheeks and Phil Stinnie. All of those occurred prior to 1990.

Both VCU's career scoring and rebounding marks are within Courtney Hurt's reach.

Hurt, meanwhile, has scored 1,335 points in her career. She averaged 23.2 last season, a school record. The Rams will play a minimum of 30 games this year. The career scoring record is 1,750 points, by Kelly Hoover, a mark that has stood since 1989. Hurt needs 415 points, which, even before doing the math, should be completely within her range because:

415/30 = 13.83. Hurt averaged 13.7 points as a sophomore. As long as she’s healthy, and even if Andrea Barbour sees an increased role in the offense, Hurt should be in good shape.

Hurt let the nation in rebounding last year at 12.4 per game. She has 796 career boards and needs 318 to match Quanitra Hollingsworth’s school mark. That’s an average of 10.6 per game over 30 games. Doable, even with a reasonable dropoff. The thing about rebounders is, they keep rebounding.

Burgess has started all 110 games of his career. The only player to do that over a four-year career in school history is Michael Brown, who started all 121 games from 1982-86.

Additionally, Burgess has 150 career 3-pointers, ninth all-time. Even if he goes bonkers and shoots eight threes a game, he’s probably not catching B.A. Walker (269), but former teammate Joey Rodriguez is second with 211. Brad averaged 1.8 made 3-pointers a game last year. If he maintains that average over 32 games, he’ll hit 58 this season.

Hurt is second all-time with 35 double-doubles. Hollingworth leads with 55, but Hurt logged 25 double-doubles last season. She has an excellent chance of getting 21 this year.