I’m working on number of projects for both the Ram Report and the blog. I did three great interviews today and I’ve got another scheduled for tomorrow, so expect some interesting stuff in the coming days. Had a chance to sit down with Shaka Smart for a profile I’m writing on new Assistant Coach Jamion Christian, who, as it turns out, is a certified whiffleball ringer.

I can’t give you the whole story right now. Those of you who receive the Ram Report will have this on your coffee table or in your bathroom soon enough. However, I love this quote from Smart, which tells you a lot about the way his mind works.

On Christian:
“I think he’s got a great perspective on the game, and it’s different, much different than anyone else on our staff because of his background and who he’s worked for. That’s always something that you invite. You don’t want to bring someone in that has the exact same views as you and knows the same things as you because then they basically become a ‘yes’ man. Jamion’s brought up a bunch of interesting ideas that the rest of us haven’t thought of.”