If you run into Strength and Conditioning Coach Daniel Roose on a Friday in the offseason and he seems particularly giddy, it’s for good reason. In general, Roose gets as excited about working out players in the offseason as I do about splitting aces and all-you-can-eat wing Tuesdays. But Friday’s are on another level for Roose. That’s when he tests the basketball team with a series of insane workouts. There’s a nickname for those workouts, but I can’t print it here.

Word is that today the guys kicked things off with something called the “The Parking Deck Mile”. Players start by running up and around the Bowe Street Parking Deck, then back down. Then, it’s down Marshall Street to the corner of Harrison Street and back to the loading dock. Allegedly, it’s a full mile. Because of Mickey Mouse NCAA rules, I can’t tell you who ran how fast or did what, but it’s safe to say that guys are working hard.

Also, just so we’re clear, that was the warm-up for the day. The guys hit the weights afterwards.

Here at Around The Horns, we’re always looking for ways to generate revenue for the athletic department. After a couple years of slinging t-shirt ideas and other goodies, we’ve discovered the mother load. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this first. LSU announced that it is going to begin brewing its own beer. Can you say, license to print money?