First, the smart stuff. Mike Litos makes a modest proposal for a CAA basketball kickoff extravaganza, which actually isn’t a bad idea. Read it and then come back to the blog.

It’s worth a lively discussion. I still think Atlantic City is a better location than Philadelphia, for a couple of reasons. No. 1, it’s more of a destination city. No. 2, it’s a better place to promote the festive atmosphere he’s driving towards. No. 3, no CAA school resides in its borders. No. 4, and this is speculation, albeit educated speculation, Boardwalk Hall would likely come at a more reasonable price than any Philly venue.

The chances of an event like this happening are remote, mainly because schools won’t want to give up a home game and potential revenue. Unless you’re Towson or Georgia State, in which case you might save money. That being said, I love the idea because it’s totally outside the box. Nobody really does anything like this, and it would make a splash.

I also need a work-sponsored trip to Atlantic City. Not even going to lie about that.

Now this is how you handle a job interview.