Happy belated July Fourth. I hope everybody enjoyed the long weekend. I spent Sunday over at Daniel Roose’s, where there were burgers, beverages and some serious, real deal, championship-caliber whiffleball. I had heard that the whiffleball games over there were pretty serious – Roose is a strength coach, and by nature, those guys are normally pretty intense. What I wasn’t prepared for was a complete diamond – with foul poles – mapped out in the back yard.

Games are three-on-three and last three innings. Everybody has to hit from their opposite or non-dominant side. So, if you’re right-handed, you have to bat, lefty. Pitches are thrown underhand and have to have an arc (turns out, it’s a lot less of and arc than you’d think). Stats are kept in a binder. Yes, I’m being serious. I’m also being serious when I tell you that I’m insanely sore today. I can also tell you that my team of myself, Scott Day and Hack (I don’t know his real name, but Hack is a pretty awesome name either way), finished 6-2, despite that 1,000-degree heat. Boom.

Anyway, new men’s basketball staffers Jamion Christian and Mike Morrell were also in attendance. When Morrell walked around to the back yard for the first time, he said “Wow” about four times before he had a chance to say hello. Then he had to run to change into athletic shorts and tennis shoes. Pretty easy to blow out a flip flop during whiffleball.

Both guys acquitted themselves well and seem like great additions to the staff. It’s also worth noting how young VCU’s coaching staff is now. Christian, Morrell and Will Wade are all under 30. Shaka Smart is 34. Mike Rhoades is the saavy vet at 38 years young. They’re all extremely impressive, as well.

The most despised owner in sports. Yeah, it’s pretty much who you think it is.

This kid is my favorite person of the day.

Reality TV Fantasy League Scoreboard. One of the real gems of the new Grantland website.