I must be tired. I accidentally hung up on Marv Albert earlier today. Marv, if you’re a fan of the blog, my bad.

A report came out recently that eight University of North Carolina football players accumulated 395 parking tickets. Um, what? I used to think I was the league leader in parking infractions, but clearly I’ve been outclassed. I’ve never had the boot put on my car (Scott Day has felt the wrath of the boot twice, I should add), but I still thought I was winning this. It’s tough to admit when you’re beat, but I’ve to tip my hat to the Heels.

My favorite part of the report is that receiver Greg Little had amassed 93 tickets with multiple cars that included nine different license plates. I’m sure there’s nothing going on there. Just a misunderstanding. By the way, Little was declared permanently ineligible in October for a separate issue.

Not sure I agree with some picks on this list, but here’s Yahoo’s Ten Greatest Athlete Movie Cameos. I still think Kareem should be No. 1.

I’m not even mad at these guys. Do you know how much a beer costs at a baseball game?

We haven’t announced it yet, but multiple people are reporting it, so the cat’s out of the bag. William & Mary’s Jamion Christian will be joining the VCU coaching staff. Judging from his work with the Tribe, he looks to be a recruiting wiz and a nice addition. He’ll replace Mike Jones, who was recently named the Head Basketball Coach at Radford.

Blaine Taylor has shaved his mustache. Is the end of an era? Did his ‘stache possess Sampson-like powers? Now the most famous facial hair in the CAA belongs to the inaccurately-named Tony Shaver of William & Mary.