Things are really lining up for my birthday today. The Yankees were swept by the Red Sox last night. The Dallas Mavericks dropped another ‘L’ on LeBron (If Dallas wins this series, it will seriously rank in my top five of most satisfying sports events). Despite high school graduations at the Siegel Center, I pulled up and grabbed an outstanding (and legal!) parking spot. We’re off to a good start.

I’m generally opposed to working today, so I’ll keep it short. Here are some awesome links that are….awesome.


Cubs manager Mike Quade is making a pitch to get VCU alum Sean Marshall on the National League All-Star team. In the past I’ve generally been opposed to setup guys being all stars, but the game is so specialized now, it’s probably time for me to come around. Plus, Sean is a super, super nice guy.

Eric Maynor, who I’m told is in town and promoting his birthday party (born, June 11, 1987), is scheduled to be on Sports Radio 910 today at around 3 p.m. with Wes McElroy. Website.

Jack White, formerly of the White Stripes, and his wife, Karen Elson are getting divorced…and throwing a party to celebrate.

Nyjer Morgan of the Milwaukee Brewers just gave the postgame interview of the season.

Meanwhile, this Dirk Nowitzki shirt is all kinds of awesome.