I’m sure you guys are going to get your smartphone out on the golf course and read these links. You haven’t fooled me. I know you’re out there, using a mysterious sick day to swing that four-day weekend. I’m not hating. Just don’t chuckle your way over to the sand trap and think that you got one over on anybody.

This didn’t get much pub, but these are actually pretty significant rules changes by the NCAA. Basically, after a few years of saying that it would be too expensive to paint an arc under the basket in which a player cannot take a charge, the NCAA has finally relented. This is an easy and necessary fix. Referees were always stuck in an awkward spot, trying to determine a player’s location under the basket when attempting to take a charge. Additionally, the women’s 3-point line will be moved back to match the men’s (20’9”). For real basketball players, this isn’t really a big deal. For staff hoopers like myself, that extra foot feels like a city block.

Nice story in the TD the other day on Quina Fortune. I wrote about Quina a while back, but it’s worth another read. It’s actually a pretty remarkable story. She’s been through a lot, but has been strong and resilient.

Apparently, the folks at Tropicana Field are a little sensitive. Considering that they draw miserably, they might not want to bounce fans for wearing “Yankees Suck” t-shirts. And the Yankees do suck.

Ever wonder what Shawn Bradley is up to?