Shaka Smart threw out the first pitch and sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” yesterday at Wrigley Field. Smart appropriately fired a four-seam fastball to VCU’s own Sean Marshall for the first pitch. Despite the fact that he probably hasn’t thrown a baseball in a while, I’d say, nice job. Definitely a strike – and not even an Eric Gregg (R.I.P.) or Lt. Frank Drebin strike.

Personally, I would’ve gone for the overhand curveball, ala Kevin Kline in “Dave”. You’ve got one shot to impress, why leave a bullet in the chamber? Let it rip. Sure, you may shred your rotator cuff in the process, and you may fire one to the backstop, but that’s a risk worth taking, in my opinion. Side note: I tried for 15 minutes to find that clip from Dave where he throws the first pitch, but no luck.

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice:

Joey Rodriguez scored six points Friday night in Puerto Rican pro action. San German lost to Guayanabo, 86-81. Former Ram Jesse Pellot-Rosa also had 16 points for San German in the game. Joey was back in Richmond by Saturday afternoon. Like a G6.

I was originally planning on giving a glowing update on Cody Eppley, who had thrown 6 2/3 solid innings in relief for the Rangers. However, Cody was absolutely lit up by the Yankees last night. Final line, 0.1 IP, 5 hits, 6 earned runs. Ouchie. That was Eppley’s first bad outing, however.

Here’s a few quick updates on other former Rams: Scott Sizemore; Brandon Inge and Sean Marshall, who has been light’s out.

Kids, this is what you call a sore loser. Say it with me. The Lakers are sore losers. Good. By the way, that is former Northeastern star and CAA Player of the Year Jose Juan Berea getting demolished by that Andrew Bynum forearm shiver.