After several weeks of serious journalism, I guess I can go back to ranting like Charlie Sheen now. It’s a little weird to be back in the office today. After weeks of zig-zagging across the country and receiving red carpet treatment, it’s rather quiet today. I still have a leaky toilet at home to fix, a lawn that is completely out of control and a speeding ticket on my desk to pay.

However, despite a bit of a return to normalcy, there’s still plenty left to discuss. One thing I’ll get back to is including more relevant links in the daily blog, now that there aren’t 25 a day. One programming note to pass along. Joey Rodriguez will be appearing on Lopez Tonight Wednesday evening on TBS, so check your local listings and what not.

The basketball season officially ends tonight, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t already looking towards 2011-2012. VCU’s Final Four run was as captivating as it was unexpected. Tim Pearrell of the Richmond Times-Dispatch ponders whether there is a return trip in VCU’s future.

Not a good year for basketball pundits, eh? There were a ton of people who believed that the VCU-Butler Final Four matchup would draw terrible TV ratings, but that was not the case. Does this mean people actually care about compelling matchups? Unbelievable.

Mike Litos over at has crunched the numbers on what the CAA’s record season means in terms of dollars and sense. It’s a well laid out and straightforward, but what you’ll need to draw out of it is that VCU will haul in about $400,000 more in 2012 (and continue to do so for six years) than it did in 2011.

Towson has apparently found its successor to Pat Kennedy. Don’t think for a second that three NCAA bids for the CAA this year did have an impact. The league is suddenly looking more and more attractive. Also, it looks like Frank Haith is headed to Missouri, for all of you on the Shaka Watch.

I ran into VCU Volleyball Coach James Finley today. He’s about as excited about the Rams’ NCAA Tournament success as anybody, and not just because he’s a basketball fan. Finley has been on the recruiting trails the last few weeks and says VCU Basketball is making a big impact across the board. Whereas players and coaches used to as what the VCU on his shirt mean, he says people are seeking him out. “People know who we are now,” Finley told me. He says recruiting questionnaires submitted through the VCU website are surging at an unprecedented pace.

We’re not even talking about basketball yet. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to play for this guy?