In case you missed it, junior Courtney Hurt torched Drexel for 23 points and 20 rebounds yesterday in a 69-65 win. Just a couple of quick notes on that outstanding performance. No. 1, it’s the first 20-20 game by a Ram since Quanitra Hollingsworth had 24 points an 21 rebounds against William & Mary on Feb. 12, 2006. No. 2, Hurt literally had 20 of VCU’s 29 rebounds.

The crazy thing is, that’s not even the nuttiest rebounding stat from the CAA last week. That honor goes to the Towson men’s team, which is still winless (0-11) in CAA play. You’ll see why in a second. In its 80-57 loss to Old Dominion last week, Towson grabbed 12 rebounds THE ENTIRE GAME. The (toothless) Tigers were outrebounded 33-12. Ouch.

It was sort of a weird week for CAA Hoops. Mike Litos has a week’s worth of statistical oddities chronicled here.

ESPN will announce its annual BracketBusters games tonight at 6 p.m. on ESPNU. If I’ve learned one thing about BracketBusters matchups, it’s that you can’t predict BracketBusters matchups. Like, ESPN floats some nonsense about RPI and then picks whatever games they want anyway. So, I have no idea who the Rams will play.

What I can tell you is that VCU is a shoo-in for a television game on one of the network’s stations, likely ESPN2/ESPNU.

Here are VCU’s BracketBusters games, all-time
Feb. 19, 2005: Charleston 85, VCU 75
Feb. 17, 2006: VCU 70, Albany 67 (ESPNU)
Feb. 17, 2007: Bradley 73, VCU 64 (ESPN2)
Feb. 23, 2008: VCU 57, Akron 52 (ESPN2)
Feb. 20, 2009: Nevada 71, VCU 70 (ESPNU)
Feb. 20, 2010: VCU 70, Akron 53 (ESPNU)