I’ve got a lot of random things spinning around in my head, so hang in there this morning.

While listening to the the game last night, all I could think about was Admiral Ackbar screaming, “It’s a trap!” Seriously. Everybody knew this was a classic trap game, and it delivered (almost). Braxton Dupree can’t miss? It’s a trap! Isaiah Philmore going 6-of-7? It’s a trap! Josh Brown dropping 17 points? It’s a trap!

I guess Joey Rodriguez picked a good time to find that shooter’s stroke, eh? Now onto Hofstra on Thursday in a game that is huuuuge.

VCU has won 20 in a row at home. It’s the fourth-longest home streak in the country and while it belongs to the Rams as a team, it also belongs to you the fan.

It’s time for VCU fans to take ownership of this thing. Make it your own. Defend it as only you know how. I’m not saying you should be Tonya Harding-ing people out there. What I’m saying is, especially for these last five home games, pack the house, rock the stands, heckle the heck out of guys (but be classy, you know?). Get your friends, your roomates, your parents, your grandma to the game. This is OUR streak, and defending it won’t be easy. The Rams will face Hofstra, UNC Wilmington, Old Dominion, George Mason and James Madison down the stretch. Let’s win ’em all. That would be truly special.

Scott Day referred to Joey Rodriguez as “The General” last night and it got me thinking. Joey literally has about 14 nicknames, most of them terrible. I realize that “Boo Boo” is sort of a term of endearment, but seriously? There are others, but most of them are bad. I floated “Flash”, as in “Flash Rodriguez” this summer, but really I was just grasping at straws. I think this “The General” thing has some legs, since Joey’s the point guard and that’s your floor general, ect. In a nod to Joey’s Puerto Rican heritage, why not, “El Capitan”? I think this should be seriously considered.

Meanwhile, Rob Brandenberg obviously needs a firm nickname. I put a poll up one night on the live blog and I’ve thought about this extensively. From here on out, I’m going with “Superberg”. It’s a nickname with everything. It incorporates his last name, while also cluing you into the fact that, he is, well, super. Superberg. Book it.

Nice job by El Capitan last night, bombing 28 points when the Rams needed it the most. Rodriguez hit five 3-pointers last night to move into second place on the Rams’ career list with 184. Congrats to him.

VCU Career 3-pointers
1-B.A. Walker 269
2-Joey Rodriguez 184
3-Bo Jones 182
4-Chris Brower 175
5-Jamal Shuler 170