• Brandenberg leads VCU past William & Mary, 70-52 (Richmond Times-Dispatch).
  • VCU’s Rozzell out with broken hand (Richmond Times-Dispatch).
  • Is January 13 Too Early… (CAAHoops.com). Mike Litos recaps last night’s CAA action.
  • Video: VCU at William & Mary (VCURamNation.com).
  • Billy Donovan’s Secret Sorrow (ThePostgame.com). The title of this is a little misleading. Actually, the story details the sorrow of Donovan, Anthony Grant and John Pelphrey, who all worked together at Florida and endured a similar personal tragedy. It’s a great read.
    Side note: The author of this story, Jason King, actually pitched this two years ago while Anthony was still here. AG agreed, but only under the condition that Donovan and Pelphrey were on board as well. However, when Grant talked with Donovan, the Florida coach was either not on board yet or hadn’t been approached. Either way, I’m glad the story finally saw the light of day, because it is touching.


So, let this be a lesson to all you kids. Blind Facebook rage might cause you to make questionable wardrobe decisions. Stay with me here.

Those of you that know me understand that I’m from Ohio and a lifelong Cleveland Cavaliers’ fan. The whole LeBron-thingy this summer is still a sore spot. After the Cavs lost by 55 to the Lakers the other night and some presumed taunting by James, I posted this (about my third post on the subject, but whatever):

No big deal. Just me raging. The Heat were 30-9 before the game and the Clippers, well, the Clippers are the worst franchise in professional sports. The chances of me actually having to pony up for a Clips’ tee were so incredible small…
DOH! Ah well. Fine. You know what, I’m happy about it. I’m going to rock the heck out of that shirt. DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t mean I’m jumping ship on the Cavs. They’re still my team and that’s never going to change, 8-30 or 38-0. It’ll just be a funny t-shirt. Here’s what I went with. Ships in 3-10 days. Woot.