Yesterday’s post about a VCU-themed sports bar apparently struck a chord with some of you. In fact, it had its very own thread, which means now it really matters. So, to kick off today’s blog, I’m publishing some of the best suggestions I’ve seen in the last 24 hours.


  • Franklin Street Fries (namram). Served hot and sweaty? They’ve got to be better than Coliseum Fries, which are served cold and musty.
  • Boo Boo’s Picnic Lunch: PB&J with chips and cookies (vcubanana). Ends up in “show” because people might not remember this nickname in five years.
  • Big Shot Brad (Tony Dee). A double shot of any liquor.


  • The Wil Fameni Panini (Marcus Shrock)
  • The Eric Maynor/Dom Jones Root Beer Float (YouveBeenRammed).
  • Kentrick Warren Tomahawk Chops (ViCtoriUs). Pork chops slathered in tangy BBQ.


  • The Nick George: Fish and Chips, obviously. (YouveBeenRammed). I can’t believe I overlooked this one. Nick is from the U.K., for those of you not in the know.
  • The Greg Paulus: A lain-egg, over easy with no grits. (artRAMMinMN).
  • The Pishchalnikov-Litcholitov: A traditional white Russian. (Scott Day).
  • The Eric Maynor 1,000-Point Club: Served with a side of Duke mayo. (ram4life).
  • Brandon Inge-aladas: Step up to the plate with three traditional enchiladas. Your choice of beef, chicken or cheese! (myrtlebeachramfan).

BONUS (Other stuff I thought of..)

  • Kendrick Warren French Dip: You’ll want to dunk this roast beef sandwich in a side of au jus!
  • Boris Kodjoe Cole Slaw: A handsome side!
  • B.J. Burton Burger: Served with meat, cheese and beer.



  • Kevin Love is breaking his Twitter silence. Gee, I’m so excited. I can’t wait for more groundbreaking tweets about Kurt Rambis’ hair (
  • Marshawn Lynch’s 67-yard run Saturday against the Saints was unreal, and what better way to recount the moment than through Tecmo Bowl.
  • A brief history of product product placement in movies.