Say what you want about Bruiser Flint. The guy is never boring. Flint picked up two quick technical fouls and was ejected from VCU’s 52-48 win over the Dragons with 13.2 seconds remaining, giving the Rams four huge free throws in the process. Flint was frustrated because he thought the Rams fouled while trying to corral Chris Fouch’s missed jumper with time winding down. Additionally, he thought the Rams got away with other fouls in the final three minutes of the game.

All of that frustration boiled over with the Rams leading 47-46. Flint’s two technicals gave VCU four free throws, in addition to the one-and-one that Jamie Skeen was already awarded while grabbing the rebound. Joey Rodriguez knocked down all four technicals and Skeen hit 1-of-2 during his trip to the line to give VCU in insurmountable 52-46 lead.

Flint eventually calmed down and made his way out to do his normal postgame interviews. When he entered the press room at the Siegel Center, he was outwardly upbeat. Here’s is, verbatim, the first part of Flint’s press conference, where he explains the late-game blow-up:

Moderator: We’re joined at this time by Drexel Head Coach Bruiser Flint. Coach, at this time if you want to open up with a brief statement..
Drexel SID Mike Tuberosa: Bru doesn’t do brief statements (which is true. Flint normally just tells the media to just start asking questions).
Flint [smiling]: I’m gonna do a brief statement today!
[Laughter in the room.]
Nah, I just apologized for going crazy. I just lost my cool, so. But, that’s what happens in games like this. I just lost my cool. I got thrown out, so I know I won’t coach in the next game. I apologized to my team and to the people from Drexel. Alright, let’s go.
Moderator: Questions for coach?
Tim Pearrell (Richmond Times-Dispatch): Why were you so upset?
Flint: You kidding me? That’s all I’m going to say. You kidding me?

In reality. Bruiser had plenty more to say.

Pearrell: Do you think he got fouled?
Flint: No, the kid didn’t get fouled on the shot, the foul occurred on the rebound, if you watch it. The other thing was, the last three minutes of the game I thought we got fouled every time we got in a trap or we went to the basket. And that’s one reason why I exploded. I mean, the last three minutes of the game, they didn’t call not one foul in them. Every time they trapped us, the one kid, when they got the three-point play to tie the game, they killed the kid on the sideline right in front of our bench. So, and that’s one reason why I exploded. But no, I didn’t think…Fouch didn’t get fouled. Fouch didn’t get fouled on the shot. The kid literally, because, we rebound, the kid grabbed him underneath the basket.

Bruiser also said later about the last three minutes of the game, “I thought it was atrocious.” As per league rules, Flint will have to sit out Drexel’s game Saturday at home against Delaware.